The result of this process is an extremely high linearity, right down to -144 dB, which gives the Pavane a realistic 24 bit dynamic range. Due to the dual mono design over the entire frequency range an extremely high channel separation of 120 dB is realized. This contributes to the flawless positioning of instruments.

The Pavane can be delivered in three performance levels.
Level 1 is based on our DAC One module together with the external FPGA "forward correction modules."
Level 2 Doubles the amount of R2R ladders with our DAC TWO Broadcast module max. sampling rate of 192 kHz
Level 3 Doubles the amount of R2R ladders with our DAC TWO high end module max. sampling rate 384 kHz
With that goal of creating a very special DAC in mind the designer, Cees Ruijtenberg, has during the past year developed a new DAC.It was an unprecedented challenge, which was eventually solved by introducing an entirely new chip, which has been exclusively developed by Metrum Acoustics. Behind the luxurious front eight DAC modules are concealed: The parallel driven R2R ladder networks are working on a very high level due to our FPGA-driven "forward correction technique" .